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To Change a Habit

To change a habit, make a list of all your cues (triggers) and the reward you get from them. Often times the reward for a drinking habit isn't intoxication.

But often overlooked... Belief is the ingredient that makes a reworked habit loop into a permanent behavior. Belief in the system, God, etc. The old habit loop is still under the surface. You need to believe that the new code is better for (insert reason).

The Captain Instructors at TBS like having the sign up for teaching FEXs and STEXs up on an old school analog white board. One night a Major erased all the white boards, and moved all the FEXs and STEX sign ups to a computer calendar. The automated reasons the Major made this decision had a lot of logic. However, he did not get the Captains to believe that it was a better idea. As soon as the Major left the bullpen the Captains went back to the White Board method. To rework an organizations habit, especially a long held habit, there needs to be belief.

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